Modern House with Air Source Heat Pump

Cindy Whife and Malcolm Domb have lived in a recently built three bedroom detached house in Peggys Walk since 2013. Although these well-insulated houses were designed for low carbon heating, the initial prototype ASHPs performed badly and have generally been replaced with new much more effective and efficient models. Cindy says “The original heat pumps […]

Listed Building with Retrofitted Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

Charlie Wittich lives with his wife and two children in a Grade 2 Listed (applies to whole house), 4 bed house in the Littlebury Conservation Area. The house is in 3 sections – an original 1560 part fronting the high street and mid-1800’s and mid-1900’s extensions. The house had a very old oil boiler when

Listed Home Restoration

The Old Bakery is a Grade II Listed building in Littlebury, with the majority of the house dating from the early to mid 1700’s. It was originally a number of small cottages, including the village shop and presumably a bakery. Over the years the house was modified and extended, including the combination of the various

1930s Home – Retrofitted Air-Source Heat Pump

An example of a 12kW air-source heat pump replacing a gas boiler in a 1930’s four-bedroom semi-detached house in Saffron Walden. In 2019, we had building work done to add an external office and workshop. This required that the gas boiler and hot water tank be moved, so it was a good opportunity to replace

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