Welcome to the Littlebury Energy Project

Reaching net zero carbon emissions will require a huge change in the way that our energy is produced and distributed, including much more localised energy generation, and far greater focus on energy efficiency. It is not just large organisations who can make a difference here. Community energy draws on local skills and people power to create community-based solutions to the climate crisis.

Littlebury Parish Council had expressed interest in developing a Community Energy Plan to investigate how a village could transition from mainly oil based heating. 

The problem:

  • Lots of listed and historic buildings which present retrofit challenges
  • The age of buildings means most have very poor EPC ratings and bad energy efficiency.
  • Over 80% homes use off-grid oil
  • Some houses lack proper insulation or effective heating methods
  • Upgrades need to be done sensitively, as cheaply as possible, and to retain the historic charm of most buildings
  • Only a handful of the approx. 240 homes have some form of renewable technology.
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