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Dear Littlebury resident, 

The Littlebury Energy Project is dedicated to helping the village understand its energy use and find ways to reduce it. The project’s overall goal is to transition the village from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources to decarbonise the community.

The Littlebury Energy Project has been awarded £40,000 from the Community Energy Fund (CEF) to conduct a detailed study on low-carbon heating solutions for the village. This funding is provided by the government to support the development of community-based energy projects that benefit local areas.

Input from the village is key to this project. We are asking Littlebury residents to provide information about their energy use to inform this project. 

Why are we doing this survey?

We have engaged Bioregional and EQUANS to provide technical expertise to Saffron Walden Community Energy to explore ways to replace unsustainable heating methods that rely on polluting fossil fuels with a community renewable heat network.

The study will evaluate the feasibility of providing district heating to the village to understand technical and cost challenges.

In 2022, the project began by surveying Littlebury residents and conducting a detailed analysis of 10-15 homes of varying types within the parish to identify necessary improvements in energy use. The analysis revealed that Littlebury homes are generally energy inefficient, with only 15% having an EPC rating of C or better, which is far below the national average of 42%. However, there is hope, as most homes have the potential to accommodate solar PV panels, and Littlebury residents are generally interested in improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Please help us by completing and returning this survey about household energy use and a potential village-wide heat network. The survey should only take 10 minutes and will have a significant positive impact on the project.

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