Solar Panels and Battery Installation in a Modern Bungalow

The photographer Gordon Ridgewell moved to Littlebury about 10 years ago, his late wife Megan’s family having been associated with the area since at least 1646. In August he had 10 solar panels installed on his garage roof accompanied by a battery storage system. Gordon says “I had been inspired by my neighbour and Village […]

Solar and Battery in 1960s House

In 2014 we had Solar Photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. The system is oriented East – West because of the pitch of the roof and consists of 13 panels (Renesola 255W with Solar Edge inverter and voltage optimisers), 3 panels oriented to the East and 10 to the west giving a combined capacity of 3,32 kW. On average the panels generate 2.74MWh of electricity per year over the past years.

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